More and more people are choosing the Wolfhound’s superior menu over ordinary pub grub, but don’t take our word for it. See what top food bloggers, magazines, and newspapers in Korea have to say.

joe mcpherson“A Wolfhound burger with an Alley Kat beer is one of the greatest joys in Seoul. The Wolfhound is an Irish pub that has one of the best burgers in Korea.”  Joe McPherson- 
“Wolfhound Pub and Restaurant is one of the few places in town that does a brunch that isn’t afraid to let it all hang out.” Ines Min. – The Korea Times
“Great place to grab a bite!” & “It’s got to be the cheapest place in Seoul to drink”  Trip Advisor

Garret DeHond

“It’s nice to have a place where you can both go out and party on a Saturday night and then chill out for a Sunday brunch.” Garret DeHond  The Seoul Times

“The Irish pub has the best burger of the bunch. This Itaewon mainstay has been known for its fish and chips and their burger embodies what a burger should be. It’s filling, well seasoned, the bacon is crisp, the price is reasonable, and the chips are amazing!”
Seoul Eats
“Cowboy hats, U.S. soldier crew cuts and one honest-to-goodness mullet: a good beginning to another strange night in the Itaewon entertainment district!”
Stars and Stripes
“Bolstered by their quality hamburgers and their fish and chips, the Wolfhound’s popularity has expanded to where one commenter said it was no longer an Irish pub but an Irish nightclub.” – 10 Mag
“The Wolfhound Irish Pub last Christmas held a fundraiser where they raised a total of 1.8 million won, all of which was donated to the Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center (KSVRC), an organization that assists female victims of sexual assault.” – John Redmond Korea Times

“Sunday Sessions” – Live Traditional Irish Music Every Sunday from 5 PM.